WW Weigh In: Week Five

Weekly Recap:

How’s It Going?

Better than I could have ever imagined. I’m amazed. I had to dig around in my closet and find a belt yesterday. I can’t remember the last time I wore a belt. Speaking of belts, the seatbelt in my car even feels different.

What Worked:

It was another good week on the healthy-eating front. My job is extremely hectic right now (I work in Financial Aid at a regional university) and I’m proud to say that there’s been no “stress eating” at work. That’s HUGE for me.

We decided to break up with our Martha Stewart/Marley Spoon meal plan this week. Although the meals were delicious and I enjoyed the convenience, it was becoming difficult to select enough healthy options that fit our new way of eating. I spent most of Sunday planning out the rest of August using recipes from WW and some that I hav

Our last group run was last night, and due to the high humidity. But the treadmill and I have been good friends this week, even if I’m up before the chickens to get in my workout.

We successfully navigated two game nights and stayed (mostly) within our points range. Winner winner chicken dinner!

What Didn’t Work:

The decision to cancel our meal delivery service was bittersweet; I loved the convenience but I’m looking forward to trying some new ideas.

The Plan for Next Week:

Working on the house. Staying on the plan. Wearing out the treadmill. And getting a lot of sleep this weekend.

*Disclaimer – this post is not sponsored by or affiliated with WW/Weight Watchers. Your results may vary based on your physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the program.

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